Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #177

A sculpture entitled 'Tuusum' by artist David Begbie, as exhibited in the Artpark at Sausmarez Manor, St Martin's, Guernsey. I loved the way the shadows just fell across the figures. It's made of copper mesh, and looks different depending on the angle it's viewed from. Fantastic!

Oh, and it can be yours for only £15,400. Cheap at half the price! 

This is a Shadow Shot Sunday post.


  1. Without spending £15,400, look what you got by just snapping the shutter!


    Shadows like horses, shadow likes chicks,
    Shadows like houses built with red bricks;

    Shadows much taller than a high wall—
    No matter their shape, I love them all!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Tortured Shadows and Twisted Shadows

  2. I was puzzled for a moment before realizing the mesh is translucent. Extraordinary.

  3. Terrific and interesting sculpture and what a great shadow shot for the day! I love it! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend, Martin!


  4. Very interesting sculpture.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Macabre - great setting & some terrific shadows.

  6. Nicely captured shadows, Martin. Interesting figures, too.

  7. I clicked to enlarge as I couldn't really see what it was...WOW !

  8. I believe I will let them keep it at that price. Looking at it and the shadows does not cost much.

  9. Magical Mystical Teacher - I know. Not bad for nothing was it?

    Kara - I liked it as well. It looked different from every angle....

    Sylvia K - Thank you, glad you liked it.

    Tatjana Parkacheva - Same to you!

    Angie - I felt the setting was as important as the sculpture.

    Martin - Thanks Martin. They were completely different from all the other sculptures there.....

    BadPenny - It looks better if you click on it. I should have mentioned that. Doh!!!!

    LV - I mist admit, I wasn't tempted by the price. As you say, it costs nothing to look.

    Thank you all for your comments.

  10. Beautiful shadow capture!

    Late visiting for shadow shot, please visit my entry when you get a chance. Have a good week ahead!


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