Sunday, 9 October 2011

I Know What I Like......

I've been a bit quiet for a while. Amongst other things, we've been away spending a week in Guernsey, since you ask. We spent a day at Sausmarez Manor, and we both expected the usual deal with stately homes; a trip around the old house, a tour of the garden and a cup of tea. Lovely - nothing wrong with that!

What we actually got was something a little different. For a start, there was free entry to the garden around the house (difficult to imagine that happening in England), and the house seemed to be off limits unless you were on a guided tour. So we headed for the tropical garden, and found that it was an Artpark. This particular one was a permanent sculpture exhibition, with the exhibits changing once a year or as they were sold.

So we'll start with a picture of the house:

You wouldn't believe how long I waited for that bloke in the doorway to move...... 

 And they have this on their front lawn:

I thought the rust added to the effect, but what do I know? 
 They have an interesting use for old horseshoes and random scrap metal:

Photo courtesy of Mizzkay.
Once inside the tropical garden, then the sculptures came thick and fast:

This reminded me of an Aztec pyramid. Whether that's the intention or not is another matter....
This one's a mermaid. You can sort of see the attraction.....
Again, thanks to Mizzkay for this one.
I just liked the view. And I thought the red things added to it.

Just about all the exhibits were for sale. This next one's called 'Elektra' and she can be yours for a cool £67,000! 

Thanks to Mizzkay again. I thought I'd taken a picture of this, but I must have been distracted. Can't imagine why.......
I liked this a lot. Not sure why....

I thought this looked like a piece of cheese with a bit cut out! Very tactile.
As you can see, this one's a water feature. I took a picture of this, but Mizzkay's was better. So I nicked it.
I'm not sure I've ever seen a real frog look quite this cross!
Mizzkay again. She likes chickens. Note the spider's web!
Another water feature. I loved the look on his face......
A bit twee for me, but at least it would fit in my garden....
The next two were right outside the tea shop. Oh yes, I got my cup of tea (and piece of cake)!

It's a horse. I know it's difficult to see, but it's head is nearest the camera.
Again, the look on his face did it for me. He's dangling a caterpillar between his fingers.
All in all, we had a great day. I know nothing about sculpture, but there was something about seeing these outside in such an unexpected environment. I've only scratched the surface, if you want to see more then click here. Oh, and thanks to Mizzkay for some of the pictures. 


  1. Your frog has a simian alter ego. I liked the horse and the sea-horse.

  2. That's not an Aztec Pyramid, that is a mole that has been attacked with an axe.

    £67,000? Bloody hell, for that you are right to expect a sensational pair of knockers.

    It looks like you had a fab time - I love old houses and gardens, and most of the those sculptures are fabulous.

  3. English Rider - So that's what's going on with the frog! I liked the sea horse a lot - although something about it is a bit unnerving.

    Annie (LadyM)x - I sort of see the mole thing since you mention it. Do you watch too many slasher movies?

    For £67,000 I'd want one that moved!

    Loved it Annie, it's right up my street. Middle-aged or what?

  4. woW! Really Good Arty Bits&Bobs.I Loved [especially]The Seahorse.

  5. The thing is that if I'm visiting a garden, that's what I want to see ... plants ! Though I do like the seahorse too ! Never been to the Channel Islands ...on my wish list. I'd say " Bucket list " but everyone is saying that now & I've always liked to be different ( I'm probably just plain difficult to be honest ! )

  6. Obviously the live model for the mermaid had fake boobs!

    Is Electra wearing a crash helmet? I can't tell for sure - I really like that one but if it's a crash helmet I might reserve judgement.

    Love the frog and the pixies/elves too. I'm curious to know what drugs they are on though - especially the one sitting with his legs splayed he's either sat on a very large nail or got a prime view of the mermaid's assets!

  7. John Gray - So did I John, It's a little different to the others being made of wood for starters...

    tony - I liked the seahorse as well Tony, although it's skeletal appearance gave it an edge I wouldn't have expected.

    BadPenny - We thought we were going to visit a garden Penny, and we'd have been happy with that. Somehow seeing the sculptures outside added something that would have been missing in a gallery.

    Jane Turley - The boobs may have been fake, but do you reckon the tail was real?
    You're right about the crash helmet. I didn't get that either, but perhaps the artist struggles to do faces! I liked Elektra as well, something about it appealed to me!
    The pixies were priceless Jane. I've no idea what they were on; either that or they know something we don't....

  8. The manor looks in splendid condition. I love the sphere, at the beginning, and would love to turn it into a firepit, casting those odd shadows.

    I also liked your "piece of cheese", which makes me think of Henry Moore, but not for his typical [and best known] pieces.

    And the horse... a sure thing with me. I love horses!!

    thanx 4 sharing!!

  9. TICKLEBEAR - I think part of the manor is still lived in. Perhaps that's why you have to be shown around. The 'firepit' would be fantastic - what a great idea....

    The horse was interesting, just like a pipe cleaner model on a larger scale!


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