Saturday, 22 October 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #179

I took this last weekend at Sheffield Park, East Sussex. I just liked the way the dark shadow added to the autumn colours. Hope you like it.....

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Sepia Saturday 97.

This week's Sepia Saturday call features a group of children outside a school in Connemara, Ireland taken in 1890. I've something similar to share with you, so here it is:

There's only one problem. I'm not sure who they are! As it was in my parents collection, I'm assuming that there's some connection with the family. If you look at the middle of the picture, there's a girl with a black mark across her forehead.

I reckon that's my maternal grandmother, but I need some help with identification. So what do you think; is this the same girl?

Second from the right here.
 Still not sure? Try this one.

And on the left here....

If this is my grandmother, then the first picture would have been taken in Ireland as well. If she's six or seven in this photo, then it dates from around 1910.

She had a hard life, certainly to start off with. To the best of my knowledge she had three sisters and a brother, although I've been told that there were ten others, all of whom died in infancy. I know almost nothing about her early life, but the three surviving girls ended up living in Wales around the time my grandmother would have been in her teens. They were shipped off to Wales because of 'the troubles' in Ireland at that time, although I think it's unlikely they had any direct involvement. Their parents stayed in Ireland, the eldest sister (my Great Aunt Biddy) being given the role of mother. I've mentioned Auntie Biddy in a previous post, and to say she was a strong character would be an understatement! Perhaps she had to be; it can't have been easy for any of them.

As far as I know, my grandmother worked as a nurse.

I don't know if she was formerly trained, or whether she worked as an auxiliary. She married a Yorkshireman, but I've no idea how they met. I don't think it was a particularly happy marriage; although I was only seven when my grandfather died, that's certainly the impression I got, even as a young child.

I'd love to know more about her and her parents, but there's nobody left to ask. The Irish side of the family all do that thing where a child is christened with one name, and then spends the rest of it's life answering to another! My grandmother's name was officially Anne, but confusingly she was known to everybody as Nancy or Nance for short! So researching that side would be difficult, but I suspect it's the only way I will ever get to know anything.

And this is how I remember her.

And yes, that is me; laugh all you like, I was only four! 

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

I Know What I Like......

I've been a bit quiet for a while. Amongst other things, we've been away spending a week in Guernsey, since you ask. We spent a day at Sausmarez Manor, and we both expected the usual deal with stately homes; a trip around the old house, a tour of the garden and a cup of tea. Lovely - nothing wrong with that!

What we actually got was something a little different. For a start, there was free entry to the garden around the house (difficult to imagine that happening in England), and the house seemed to be off limits unless you were on a guided tour. So we headed for the tropical garden, and found that it was an Artpark. This particular one was a permanent sculpture exhibition, with the exhibits changing once a year or as they were sold.

So we'll start with a picture of the house:

You wouldn't believe how long I waited for that bloke in the doorway to move...... 

 And they have this on their front lawn:

I thought the rust added to the effect, but what do I know? 
 They have an interesting use for old horseshoes and random scrap metal:

Photo courtesy of Mizzkay.
Once inside the tropical garden, then the sculptures came thick and fast:

This reminded me of an Aztec pyramid. Whether that's the intention or not is another matter....
This one's a mermaid. You can sort of see the attraction.....
Again, thanks to Mizzkay for this one.
I just liked the view. And I thought the red things added to it.

Just about all the exhibits were for sale. This next one's called 'Elektra' and she can be yours for a cool £67,000! 

Thanks to Mizzkay again. I thought I'd taken a picture of this, but I must have been distracted. Can't imagine why.......
I liked this a lot. Not sure why....

I thought this looked like a piece of cheese with a bit cut out! Very tactile.
As you can see, this one's a water feature. I took a picture of this, but Mizzkay's was better. So I nicked it.
I'm not sure I've ever seen a real frog look quite this cross!
Mizzkay again. She likes chickens. Note the spider's web!
Another water feature. I loved the look on his face......
A bit twee for me, but at least it would fit in my garden....
The next two were right outside the tea shop. Oh yes, I got my cup of tea (and piece of cake)!

It's a horse. I know it's difficult to see, but it's head is nearest the camera.
Again, the look on his face did it for me. He's dangling a caterpillar between his fingers.
All in all, we had a great day. I know nothing about sculpture, but there was something about seeing these outside in such an unexpected environment. I've only scratched the surface, if you want to see more then click here. Oh, and thanks to Mizzkay for some of the pictures. 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #177

A sculpture entitled 'Tuusum' by artist David Begbie, as exhibited in the Artpark at Sausmarez Manor, St Martin's, Guernsey. I loved the way the shadows just fell across the figures. It's made of copper mesh, and looks different depending on the angle it's viewed from. Fantastic!

Oh, and it can be yours for only £15,400. Cheap at half the price! 

This is a Shadow Shot Sunday post.

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