Sunday, 28 August 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #171

This week's selection for Shadow Shot Sunday shows the shadows cast by the Ouse Valley viaduct near Balcombe, East Sussex. The sun was going in as I took this, so I had to be quick!
And here's the 'proper' view........

This is a Shadow Shot Sunday post.


  1. I like the "improper" view best!


    Shadows of onyx, shadows of grey,
    Shadows to chase my doldrums away;
    Shadows each morning, shadows at night,
    Shadows, O shadows, you’re my delight!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Stairway

  2. Both striking, but I prefer the shadowy one too!

  3. Impressive viaduct, and shadows!

  4. very beautiful!

  5. Lovely photos, but I have a theory that all viaducts look the same. At least ones out in the countryside. If you hadn't told me those were in East Sussex, I'd have sworn they were just a few miles north of me.

  6. Nice that the viaduct on the London To Brighton line Martin?

  7. Lovely Strong Image.It's a Ying & Yang Thing I Suppose, You Need Sunshine to make Shadows......

  8. Magical Mystical Teacher - So do I; I only added the other one so people could see what it was.

    Little Nell - It's certainly impressive, Nell. And still in use today, carrying approx ten trains an hour as part of the London to Brighton line.

    Martin - It's accessible via a footpath Martin, so you can walk around it. It would look a lot better with a steam train running across it though.....

    Andressa C. - Indeed.

    Tatjana Parkacheva - Thank you.

    Rol - You may have a point there. It was designed by a railway engineer, so would have to have been practical rather than beautiful. And possibly they were all designed to a similar template.....

    Stuart Kirby - That's the one Stuart. Between Haywards Heath and Balcombe.

    tony - Certainly do, Tony! And we seem to have been lacking sunshine recently!

    Thank you for your comments.


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