Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sepia Saturday 87

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt featured a young Danish couple from the 1940's or early 50's. The suggested theme was romance, and because I'm too idle to think of anything better, I offer this.........

These are my parents, and this picture was taken on their engagement. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the date, I can only guess that it's from late 1955 or '56. This was taken outside my mum's home at the time; a tied cottage that went with my grandfather's job. Funnily enough, I was there only yesterday!

They were chalk and cheese in many ways. My mother was of Irish descent, an outgoing, sociable person and although you cannot see from the photo, she was a redhead with a temper to match! My father couldn't have been more different, a thoughtful, even tempered man, who kept himself to himself, and had no real desire to mix socially outside the family.

And this is their wedding day..........

They were married at St Pancras Church, Lewes, East Sussex on the 6th July 1957. Looking at this, I'm immediately struck by how young they look. My father would have been six weeks short of his twenty-third birthday, and my mother was six months older than him. It's a little odd seeing your parents at that age; you always see them as being much older than you! My father had already seen a little bit of life; by this time he'd done two years National Service, mostly spent in Germany. My mother had moved a lot up to this time; she once told me that she'd moved eighteen times by the time she was twenty-one! I expect she was more than ready to settle down!

This picture marks their silver wedding anniversary. Apart from them, this picture includes their three children (I'm at the back, behind my dad), and my grandparents. That is, my father's father and my mother's mother! My grandad is the same one that used to dress up as a cowboy! Oh, and you may have noticed the obligatory dog, in this case a German Shepherd called Sable. She was always my mum's favourite, and it would never have occurred to her to leave Sable out of the picture.

Unfortunately, they didn't quite make their golden wedding; my mum passed away in January 2005, and my dad was never quite the same without her.

I don't expect this is everyone's idea of romance (he wasn't Richard Burton, and she wasn't Elizabeth Taylor), but it was enough for them. And that's pretty much all anybody can ask. 

This is a Sepia Saturday post.


  1. They are beautiful Martin. My HH and I have been married 51 years and I am not Liz and he is not Richard, but it has been love that made the difference not our looks. Thank goodness. Blessings

  2. Oh what an incredible beautiful family, thanks for sharing their photos and story with us!

  3. Well I think it’s romantic; If this is idle what will you do when you put your mind to it? I think you look like your Mum a little bit. What a shame they didn’t make it to their Golden. Luck has a lot to do with it and chalk and cheese is good sometimes too. Thank you very much for sharing this Martin.

  4. Thanks for sharing your family photos with us, always great to hear more details to the story, I think my parents eloped. I dont really know the exact marriage story other then my mom was underage and her parents signed I believe, and they didnt live together right away as my mom had to finish high school, hmmm Ill have to go bug them for the full story. :)

  5. We often say that my wife and are are like chalk and cheese although which is which we can't remember after 53 years together. Thanks for sharing your photos and reminding us of those early days.

  6. Wonderful post! So nice of you to share with us!

  7. Smashing pictures, Martin, and a heart-warming story too. Real people, making a real life for themselves, rising to the challenges and working to make a success of things.

    I also see you have inherited your mum's features.

  8. Your profile picture looks a lot like your father. I haven't heard the expression about chalk and cheese before.

  9. (Queenmothermamaw) Peggy - Congratulations on your 51 years! Perhaps it's just as well you're not Richard and Liz, otherwise you'd have been married and divorced ten times over by now!

    Karen S - Thank you, I've never been called beautiful before!

    Little Nell - You're not the first to say I look like my mum. People say my eldest looks like me, but I think he just looks like himself! Glad you enjoyed it.....

    savethephotos - Eloped eh? That sounds a fascinating story; tell us more!

    Bob Scotney - I wasn't sure about writing this, but I'm glad I did. Glad you enjoyed it. Fifty-three years is pretty impressive, congratulations.

    Rathnashikamani - Thank you....

    I'm Crayon - Thank you, glad you liked it.

    Martin H. - Thank you, Martin. Writing this made me think about the story behind it. When it's your own family, you don't really think about it...

    Postcardy - It just means different, sorry to have confused you!

    Thank you for your comments.

  10. an enduring commitment wins over a fleeting moment of romance. great post!!

  11. They Look Much Better Than Richard & Liz!

  12. Lovely pictures Martin:) I really like this aspect of your blog:) I find it interesting to discover more about people's backgrounds - I can see the benefits of remaining anonymous (would love to rant about some of my relatives!) but the communications are never quite the same as with those who are prepared to share a little more:)

  13. TICKLEBEAR - Absolutely! Glad you liked it.

    tony - Thanks, Tony. Seeing I'm supposed to look like my mum, does that mean I've got film star looks?
    No, thought not......

    Jane Turley - Thanks, Jane. I'm never sure how much to give away, so I stick at not naming anyone. Neither of my parents are around to ask, so I tend to think that if anybody has the right to write about them, then I do!

  14. I agree with you Martin - and that is how I deal with it myself. I've written about some relatives - but only the deceased. I do occasionally relay stories about friends without using names and only funny stories which I know they wouldn't be offended by. I'm never impressed by folks who would risk upsetting people/ family with bitter rants, unapproved pictures etc - much as some SILs, I mean relatives, might deserve it. (Cough, cough.)

    Well enough said:)


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