Sunday, 28 August 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #171

This week's selection for Shadow Shot Sunday shows the shadows cast by the Ouse Valley viaduct near Balcombe, East Sussex. The sun was going in as I took this, so I had to be quick!
And here's the 'proper' view........

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #170

This was taken at Sovereign Harbour, a couple of miles down the road from us. You can see the strong shadow cast by the railings, and if you click on the picture you will see the balconies on the flats cast a shadow as well.

Ahoy me hearties!!!!

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Sepia Saturday 88

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt features a large and impressive tree. So, being a creature of little imagination, I'm going to write about trees!

This is my father; with his parents, at Sheffield Park, East Sussex. This is a National Trust property, with large informal gardens originally designed by 'Capability' Brown. It's also, confusingly, nowhere near Sheffield! I would guess my father to be about eighteen at the time, so this photo is from the mid fifties. I have no idea who the photographer was; my aunt was married by this time, so if she was there then my uncle probably would have been too, and you'd think one of them would have been in the picture. The slightly blurred faces gave me a small clue however; although this was taken several years before they were married, I think there's every chance it was my mother. I've lost count of the family photos I've seen where the heads have been chopped off, or the subject is slightly blurred! Even a finger over the lens if she was having a really good day!

As you can see from the background, Sheffield Park has a lot of trees. Fifty-five years later in September 2009, my wife and I went for a trip to the same place. At the time, I had never seen the above photo, and had no idea that my dad had ever been there. Funnily enough, he was supposed to come with us; unfortunately we had to cancel on the arranged day due to bad weather, and he was busy elsewhere when we did go.

If you look at the top of the next picture, you can see a couple on the bridge that my dad and grandparents stood on all those years before. I've no idea who they are, but it was the bridge that gave the game away!

The rest of this post is going to descend into gratuitous pictures of trees, I'm afraid. And all in colour as well; I'll be getting a telling off if I'm not careful! As I had no camera in those days (I'm a late convert to digital photography), I have to thank Mizzkay (my wife), for the pictures. I reckon she did a pretty good job......

This is taken from the same bridge......

And this is a view across one of the lakes, towards the house. Note the gardener clearing out the lake on the right of the picture.

A closer view of the house. They have been converted into flats; imagine buying curtains for the old chapel window at the end!

I just like the colours in this one; if you visit in the autumn this is what you can expect...

And finally, more trees!

I hope you enjoyed this; if you're ever in this area go and visit, you won't be disappointed. We certainly weren't, and I don't imagine my grandparents were fifty-five years before.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Another Day at the Office.....

When the weather's good (and if I remember), I occasionally take my camera to work with me. I'm a recent convert to digital photography, having bought a Nikon P90 about a year ago. I don't pretend to have any talent as a photographer, but I've worked out that if I push the button enough, then I get lucky now and then!

I took these last week, and as luck would have it they're all from the area I grew up in......

This is looking south towards Newhaven, East Sussex. You can see the sea (to the right of the picture), and the cliff is Seaford Head. Oh, and almost slap bang in the centre is the new waste incinerator!

Perhaps you'd like a better look.......

There's no denying this is a striking building. The residents of Newhaven have other words for it, as you can imagine. For a lot of people, this has become their view. If you look to the left of the incinerator, just above the industrial units, you can see there are a lot of houses quite close by. And it's not even working yet; imagine smoke billowing from those chimneys! Now nobody would pretend that Newhaven is the prettiest town in the world, but it's on the edge of a very beautiful area.

Without moving my feet from where I took the first picture, this is the view to the east, looking across farmland to Firle Beacon.

Nice innit? Just imagine this with smoke drifting up the valley!

And the view to the north.......

This is Lewes, historic county town of East Sussex. You can see the castle in the centre of the picture. This is a very desirable (expensive) place to live; let's hope they don't feel the effects of the smoke! The waste company say that they won't, but then they would, wouldn't they?

And the view to the west, looking towards Falmer.......

It's hard to get away from the fact that the residents of Newhaven have been dumped on, big time. The incinerator is to be used for waste from all parts of East Sussex, so there will be several lorries a day winding their way down these little roads. And just to add insult to injury, the local water company are building a new sewage treatment works at Peacehaven, just two or three miles along the coast. Not that it's for the benefit of the local residents; oh no, apparently it's to service Brighton's waste!

And as for the positioning of Brighton and Hove Albion's new football stadium; just don't get me started!

Oh, and if you're coming to work with me again, I'd appreciate it if you didn't nick all my sandwiches next time.......

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sepia Saturday 87

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt featured a young Danish couple from the 1940's or early 50's. The suggested theme was romance, and because I'm too idle to think of anything better, I offer this.........

These are my parents, and this picture was taken on their engagement. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the date, I can only guess that it's from late 1955 or '56. This was taken outside my mum's home at the time; a tied cottage that went with my grandfather's job. Funnily enough, I was there only yesterday!

They were chalk and cheese in many ways. My mother was of Irish descent, an outgoing, sociable person and although you cannot see from the photo, she was a redhead with a temper to match! My father couldn't have been more different, a thoughtful, even tempered man, who kept himself to himself, and had no real desire to mix socially outside the family.

And this is their wedding day..........

They were married at St Pancras Church, Lewes, East Sussex on the 6th July 1957. Looking at this, I'm immediately struck by how young they look. My father would have been six weeks short of his twenty-third birthday, and my mother was six months older than him. It's a little odd seeing your parents at that age; you always see them as being much older than you! My father had already seen a little bit of life; by this time he'd done two years National Service, mostly spent in Germany. My mother had moved a lot up to this time; she once told me that she'd moved eighteen times by the time she was twenty-one! I expect she was more than ready to settle down!

This picture marks their silver wedding anniversary. Apart from them, this picture includes their three children (I'm at the back, behind my dad), and my grandparents. That is, my father's father and my mother's mother! My grandad is the same one that used to dress up as a cowboy! Oh, and you may have noticed the obligatory dog, in this case a German Shepherd called Sable. She was always my mum's favourite, and it would never have occurred to her to leave Sable out of the picture.

Unfortunately, they didn't quite make their golden wedding; my mum passed away in January 2005, and my dad was never quite the same without her.

I don't expect this is everyone's idea of romance (he wasn't Richard Burton, and she wasn't Elizabeth Taylor), but it was enough for them. And that's pretty much all anybody can ask. 

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #168

Took this at work yesterday. I just happened to turn around, and I noticed the sun shining on the hills behind me. You can see the shadows of the clouds on the fields below. Fantastic!

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