Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dan! Dan! Mind the Van!!!!

For those of you kind (or bored) enough to have read Shut Up and Drive, I thought I'd bring you up to date concerning the adventures of "Dan, The Comedy Milkman."

Since my post last week, we've had one or two interesting moments. He's backed into a car, hit a wall and reversed into a hedge. His luck seems to have held, and he got away without actually damaging any of them! We have had several terse exchanges, (as you can imagine, my patience has expired), and these seem to have worked. For a couple of hours at least......

For today, gentle reader, we had The Big One. Inevitably, he has hit something. Properly. Namely a Mitsubishi L200........

                      As you can see, it's a solid beast; not the shy retiring type at all.

This poor vehicle was innocently parked down a quiet country lane. When I say parked, I mean completely off the road, backed into it's owner's driveway. Not that this deterred our hero, he took part of the front bumper and the number plate off as he careered past. Oh, and he broke a spotlight as well. Needless to say, our Transit has some damage to the front wing on the passenger side.

So, how did he manage that? He fell asleep, dear reader, simple as that. As we veered towards the Mitsubishi, for a moment I thought my time had come! This happened at 5.15am, so I left a note under the windscreen wiper and the owner had rung the depot by the time we returned. Dennis, our legendary manager, (no-one's sure if he really exists) wasn't in today, so as yet he's unaware of the situation.

So that's it. As far as I'm concerned, I've got the steering wheel now and Dan isn't getting it back!

I have next week off; looks like I'm going to need it......


  1. Dan's definitely in the wrong line of work. Has he heard of 'banger racing'?

  2. Does Dan Ever Deliver In Yorkshire? Not That I'm Worried or Anything...........

  3. Martin H. - I think he's tried banger racing. In fact, I think he's still trying banger racing.....

    tony - No, you're quite safe. Mind you, he could always apply for a transfer!


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