Saturday, 30 July 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #167

This was taken on a (rare) sunny day at Brighton Marina. I'm the one on the right; if you look closely you can see I'm holding the camera to my eye.

So if we ever meet, now you'll recognise me!

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #165

This little fella has been around for as long as I can remember! He was always around at home when I was growing up, and I inherited him about a year ago. He has a friend (a fish; that's his shadow you can see at the bottom left of the photo), and they sit on the window sill at the bottom of the stairs. So, when the sun shines this is what happens..........

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #164

This is my old primary school. I took this to e-mail to an old friend who now lives away from the area, and it was only afterwards that I noticed the shadows of the tree branches. They look a little like bony fingers, or perhaps that's just me!

By the way, this was taken in January; it wasn't as warm as it looks!

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Friday, 8 July 2011

Sepia Saturday 82.

This weeks Sepia Saturday prompt features a photo taken in Union Station, Chicago. There are two policemen in the foreground, so taking as my theme American law enforcement officers, I offer you this......

This is my paternal grandfather. As he was born and raised in a small town in Sussex, England, you'd be correct in guessing that the sheriffs outfit isn't genuine! He was a sailmaker by trade, although my father cannot remember him ever making a sail. He spent his working life repairing the upholstery on the cross channel (Newhaven to Dieppe) car ferries. Grandad was a practical man, good with his hands who could seemingly build almost anything out of anything! It was well known in our family, that if Grandad made anything then it would be built to last. The wooden workshop he constructed in his back garden is still there today, approximately seventy-five years after he built it.

So, I hear you ask, why was a sailmaker from England dressed like Wyatt Earp? When I showed this photo to my aunt (his daughter) recently, she told me that Grandad was, for a while, chairman of the local carnival society! This was a side of him that I never knew; to me it seems an unlikely thing for him to have done. As far as I can tell, this picture was taken somewhere around 1935; they had moved to a new home before the Second World War. So I'm assuming this one would have been taken around the same time....

This is great isn't it? I presume this to be other members of the society in full carnival rig. I love the detail in the costumes; the man dressed as a cannibal has a jawbone hanging from his belt! If you look carefully, there is someone dressed as a fairy on the extreme right of the photo; you can see part of a white dress and a hand holding a wand. I've no idea who the other people in the picture are; presumably they all had names and proper jobs. But in this picture they are completely transformed.

My Grandad died in November 1986, shortly after his eighty-sixth birthday, and he is much missed to this day. But perhaps part of him lives on through his grandsons.......

These two outlaws are my little brothers. This is from 1968/9, and interestingly is taken outside my grandparent's front door. Two chips off the old block maybe? 

This is a Sepia Saturday post. 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dan! Dan! Mind the Van!!!!

For those of you kind (or bored) enough to have read Shut Up and Drive, I thought I'd bring you up to date concerning the adventures of "Dan, The Comedy Milkman."

Since my post last week, we've had one or two interesting moments. He's backed into a car, hit a wall and reversed into a hedge. His luck seems to have held, and he got away without actually damaging any of them! We have had several terse exchanges, (as you can imagine, my patience has expired), and these seem to have worked. For a couple of hours at least......

For today, gentle reader, we had The Big One. Inevitably, he has hit something. Properly. Namely a Mitsubishi L200........

                      As you can see, it's a solid beast; not the shy retiring type at all.

This poor vehicle was innocently parked down a quiet country lane. When I say parked, I mean completely off the road, backed into it's owner's driveway. Not that this deterred our hero, he took part of the front bumper and the number plate off as he careered past. Oh, and he broke a spotlight as well. Needless to say, our Transit has some damage to the front wing on the passenger side.

So, how did he manage that? He fell asleep, dear reader, simple as that. As we veered towards the Mitsubishi, for a moment I thought my time had come! This happened at 5.15am, so I left a note under the windscreen wiper and the owner had rung the depot by the time we returned. Dennis, our legendary manager, (no-one's sure if he really exists) wasn't in today, so as yet he's unaware of the situation.

So that's it. As far as I'm concerned, I've got the steering wheel now and Dan isn't getting it back!

I have next week off; looks like I'm going to need it......

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #163.

Taken in my garden on a summer's evening. I just liked the light and the shadows created by it!

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Friday, 1 July 2011

Sepia Saturday 81.

This weeks Sepia Saturday prompt features a bazaar in Tramore, County Waterford. The picture shows a '20th Century Stall', staffed by five very smart ladies. So I had a look through my pictures, and came up with this....

Thankfully, as someone had the foresight to write on the bottom, we know when and where it was taken. It shows a tobacconists in Redhill, Surrey, and the four young men are presumably the staff. I couldn't help but notice that three of them are smartly dressed; the man on the left is even carrying a cane or walking stick! The fourth man, (on the motorbike) looks a proper 'Jack the Lad', complete with cigarette hanging from his lips! Mind you, since he worked for a tobacconists then I suppose that would have been encouraged! I like the detail of the window display; the time that must have taken! Today, you would get a couple of posters, probably peeling at the corners.

I cannot help but wonder what happened to the young men in the picture. Taken a couple of years before the first World War, I doubt that they all survived. It's just as well that we cannot see into the future.

My wife bought this in a charity shop, because she liked the frame. This photo was being used as a backing board for another picture that was visible. Ten years later, she took the picture out to use the frame, and this photo was discovered! Unable to just throw it away, a little research uncovered a man running a local history website for the Redhill area. So, after e-mailing him a copy, and asking if he'd like it (that's why it's still on our computer), she sent him the original. He, apparently, was thrilled to bits and the photo now has it's place on his website.

So a bit of a result, and all due to the person who wrote the details on the photo. There's a lesson there somewhere.......

This is a Sepia Saturday post.

Shut Up and Drive......

I've not had a good week so far. So, dear reader, prepare yourself for a bit of a rant.

For anyone new to this blog, I'm a milkman. This means delivering milk (and various goods) to customers. It has good points (exercise, fresh air, independence), and bad ones (getting up at stupid o'clock in the morning, DOGS). Generally, I enjoy it. And it keeps me out of mischief. The only formal qualification needed is a driving licence; other than that, a reasonable amount of common sense will do nicely.

For the past two weeks I've had someone new to train. Not just new to the round, but completely new to the job. So last week Dan (that's his name), just did as he was told, and learned to use the computer. He seemed to have no trouble with this, so this week I let him drive.

                                     This is a Transit. It aint the QE2.........

Oh dear. It's not that difficult is it? It's only a Transit, and it drives just like a car. A little bigger, granted, but apart from that, dead easy. So why does he insist on trying to dump me in the hedge at regular intervals? Being summer (allegedly), I have the window open, so I'm frequently showered with bits of hedge, and whatever else is lurking in the hedgerows. Also, driving too close to the edge of the road, means that you find all the drain covers and potholes. So I get shaken up a bit, and my *cough* friendly advice has made no difference so far. Dan also has a habit of clipping the kerb with the rear wheels; one day he will do this once too often, and dump the empty bottles in the road. And when he does, gentle reader, guess who'll have to clear it all up?

Yesterday wasn't good. After trying to reverse up a driveway, and revving the engine VERY hard, we had to put up with the smell of a burning clutch for a couple of hours. Oh, and he nodded off, while travelling at 50mph along a busy road. I had to grab the wheel, and steer us back onto the right side of the road. Today was pretty much the same, he managed to clip a gate post and reverse into a street lamp. Although he hit the light hard, (it was still shaking when I got out to take a look), I think it must be his lucky day as there was no damage to vehicle or light. Perhaps he should buy a lottery ticket......

So what am I to do? I've tried to be encouraging and constructive so far, but my patience is wearing thin. And he seems to be a genuinely likeable lad (early twenties at a guess). So I hope that as he gets more used to it, that things will improve. Any suggestions?

Oh, and let's hope that he doesn't read blogs!

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