Thursday, 2 June 2011

I've Been Got!!!!

I've been tagged. Not electronically you understand, but tagged nonetheless. When I wasn't looking, Annie (The Day After Yesterday) tagged me, so now I'm IT. It's not fair, I wasn't ready and I bet she didn't count to a hundred first!

Apparently, I have to answer some questions. So here goes:
If you could be any historical or current character who would you be?

Neil Armstrong. Imagine being the first man to set foot on the moon. How cool is that? Mind you, I'd also love to be able to play a guitar like Gordon Giltrap.......

Name an interesting fact about yourself

I can touch the end of my nose with my tongue. Well, you did ask.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

I could be the guy that bumps off Hitler before he came to power. Or if I'm sticking to my own life, I'd send myself to a different school.

Which character traits annoy you?

Stupidity, people who speak or act without thinking. Rudeness, greed the list is endless. I'm a middle aged man, for heaven's sake, I'm capable of being annoyed by almost anything!

Name one thing that you would change in yourself?

I could get myself a waist! Or a better memory, so I'd remember to buy a lottery ticket. Perhaps you should ask my wife. Not sure I'd like the answer though........

What do you consider your biggest achievement?

My children. I have three boys, and they have turned out to be kind, sociable and (mostly) sensible. So that's alright then. I also managed to persuade my wife to marry me. Not sure how, but it's too late for her to back out now!

So that's it folks. Now you know more about me than I do! I'm supposed to pass this on to eight other people (sort of a pyramid thing, you get the picture), so if you're on my reading list, watch out.

Be afraid. Be very afraid......


  1. Wow - I just tried touching my nose with my tongue and I can't get anywhere near it!

    Humph. I'll be up all night now doing tongue stretching exercises as I'm highly competetive... Okay I'm already up to my upper lip! With any luck I'll be up my nose by 6am:)

    Ps - I would also like a waist. And a chest. In fact if my waist was implanted in my chest that would be even better. Two problems solved at once.

  2. Jane Turley - It's a rare skill Jane, honed over many years! Or maybe I've just got a big nose and a long tongue....

  3. I have come upon your blog via 'The Age of Uncertainty' and your comment re 'The Well Good Book of Stamps' which has had me sniggering for several days.
    Like Jane I can't touch my nose with my tongue and I'm perplexed to know why I should.
    Although I am continually in awe of people who can do awe-inspiring stuff.
    Well done you on getting THREE sociable boys. I've struggled to get just one.

  4. Sandra Morris - Welcome Sandra. I stumbled across 'The Age of Uncertainty' a few weeks ago, and I found it fascinating. I'm glad you liked my comment, my humour is wasted on my family!

    I'm sorry you cannot touch your nose with your tongue; great talent isn't given to everybody! Why you should be worried about that beats me, I've had a look at your blog and your website, and if you can do what you do, then you've no need to be in awe of anyone.

    Thank you for following....

  5. How long does one have to wait to be tagged here, Martin?! I love tags so I'm gonna do this one later in the week anyway. No formal complaints please - I get mean when I'm criticised:))

  6. Jane Turley - Well you asked for it......

  7. Hello Martin. Thanks for popping over & sorry that I haven't visited you for ages !
    Great answers. I like that your chilren are kind - that counts for a lot. One of he favourite uncles in our family ( on hubby's side ) sadly no longer with us used to say many times to us & our children...
    " when God was handing out the noses I asked for a big red one becuse I thought he said ROSES" !!

  8. bad penny - Oh he said NOSES!!! I thought he was handing out chocolates......


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