Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding? What wedding......

So, I expect you've noticed that there's a wedding at the end of this week. I'm afraid that I'm unable to summon up the required enthusiasm for the forthcoming nuptials; as people I wish them nothing but the best, but as royals I really wish they didn't exist at all. For me, this country will never grow up until we rid ourselves of this ridiculous anachronism. A couple of days ago, I heard a radio report that mentioned that a majority of Australians were against a republic. You'd think that Aussies would have more self confidence, after all they have the brass neck to beat us at cricket most of the time! Still, as the 'grumpies' amongst the population have to put up with blanket coverage of the event, and wall to wall pictures of grinning royals, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon. I can now attach the words 'royal wedding' to this post, and maybe gain a few extra views! So, consider this my shameless attempt to cash in. Power to the people!

                                       Who are you? What am I doing here?

Apparently, the Middleton family have now had a coat of arms designed for them. It must be huge relief to Her Majesty and the rest of The Firm, that Will is marrying someone made from The Right Stuff, and not a miserable oik like what I is. Having a coat of arms should elevate one to a different level above the swirling masses surely? Except that it appears that almost anybody can have one, dependant on having the right qualities. Which seems to mean lots of the folding stuff! So dear reader, assuming that you had the need for one, (and possessed the spondulicks), what would you like to have on your family's coat of arms?

                                                  You get the idea...........


  1. Do you know what? I had never realised what a great word spondulicks is when it's written down. The only way it can be improved upon, in my opinion, is to have possessed in the same sentance and there you go, you've done it.

  2. Mizzkay - Boy, are you easily pleased! Thanks for visiting!


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