Sunday, 20 March 2011

Snow joke you know..........

There appears to be a change in the weather this week. Not so cold, and the mornings are getting lighter. Hopefully, this means we can forget about the s.... word for another year! Oh, that's snow by the way (what were you thinking)?


Snow and ice do funny things to milk floats. On the one hand, they have a low centre of gravity and they are heavy, so they stick to the road relatively well. On the other, the brakes require a certain amount of anticipation (about a fortnight should do), and there is no heater, so when the windscreen ices up you can't see where you are going! Or not, as the case may be. Icy conditions are about the only time when a lack of speed is an advantage. Nobody is going to accuse you of travelling too fast for the conditions in a milk float! And just to add to the joy, we get to do all this in the dark...... Pretty much anybody who drives for a living hates the sight of snow and ice, unfortunately our lot won't close the depot for a bit of snow. Unlike schools of course; cue Monty Python's Four Yorkshire men sketch, ("They dunno they're born these days"....)!

I've got stuck in some 'creative' places before. Oh yes. Not that I need snow or ice for that, a liberal supply of mud should do the trick. Once, when trying to turn around at the end of a track, I managed to get the rear wheels (a Transit this time), on some grass, (it was dark M'lud honest). My attempts to escape, only resulted in me promptly burying the thing up to it's rear axle in mud. I then had a two mile trek to the nearest main road, as the poor sap called out to rescue me would never have found me where I was. He managed to pull the truck free eventually, at some cost to his vehicle - I could still smell his clutch burning two hours later!

Still, all this will be a thing of the past for a while.... after all, we can all rely on The Great British Summer! Can't we?


  1. Ever had the frozen milk, popping the foil top and squeezing itself out of the bottle?

  2. Martin H. - Yep, certainly have. And occasionally shattered bottles too!

  3. I haven't seen a milk float for many years. They don't have them in the wilderness, you know.
    We get out milk fresh from the cow.

    (It's called Supermarket)

  4. My husband used to wear tights in the winter when he was delivering milk and it was really cold. He was always grateful when the spring arrived. So was I ... he didn't look as good in tights as Rudolf Nure ... Nury ... Nure ... that male ballet dancer.

  5. Friko - We use diesel vans in hard to reach areas. An electric float is a town dweller (due to limited range).

    Fran - Be careful what you wish for - would you really like a husband that looked good in tights?

  6. Blimey, should Fran be admitting that in public? I know it is a pain for driving, but I love the snow. It is far more preferable to grey rainy days.

    Anyway, enough of the snow, spring is coming - I can see the buds on the trees and the daffodils lining the roads!


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