Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Makes no census to me.....

My eldest son left for Australia last week. Not permanently, but on a working visa. The return date on his ticket is next January, but he'll be back sooner if the funds dry up, (I know what my money's on)! So it's a bit quiet around here at the moment. Mind you, our laundry basket is still full up with his stuff (how does he manage that from a distance of several thousand miles), and we are still dragging the rubbish out of his room. This is his second trip, after the first one (two years ago), we thought he'd return all self-sufficient and grown up. Nope, not a bit of it, there we were thinking he'd have to fend for himself, and all the while he just manages to talk other people into doing things for him! So we have about nine months to sell the house and move away.........

I've just posted my census form. I expect those of you reading this in the UK have had to do the same. Perhaps it's me, but these things seem to get more and more detailed. Why do they want to know how many cars we have? Or how many hours a week we spend helping elderly family members? Or details of our educational qualifications? We are told that it's to help plan essential services. Poppycock! Since when is anything planned in this country? If a school becomes overcrowded, nothing is done until it becomes blindingly obvious, and then the cheapest solution is picked. The idea that your average Health Authority allocates resources with any regard to information from the census, is laughable. And as for resources for the elderly or vulnerable, well we all know that there are going to be precious few of those in the near future anyway! The census provides our 'leaders' with information, and information is power.

Since Maggie Thatcher's days in office, there has been a price put on everything. This has continued ever since, so now we are lumbered with a political class that knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing!

That feels a little better. You have no idea how hard it is to write all that on one breath, and through gritted teeth. Especially at the speed I type!


  1. Good to hear from you again so soon...I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about the census....especially how many cars. We are a 3 person household at the moment, as our middle son is living with us, and we presently have 4 cars, because one of them is waiting to be sold as the trade in price was rubbish!!..though that may prove to be the way we should have gone! Anyone want a Nissan Primera T spec estate? I had to correct my 97 year old mother's census form as she had also filled in " person 2" with all the same details as "Person 1". Makes you wonder what weird info they will get when the computer does it's stuff!!

  2. I fail to see the point of a census. There's more detailed, shared information from our 'loyalty' cards, than in any government database.

  3. Frances - Thank you for your comment. I've wondered about the accuracy of the information as well. Not only people making a genuine mistake, but those rebellious souls who deliberately try to subvert the system by *ahem* lying on a question or two!

    Martin H. - I suspect the point of a census is that it's compulsory. And just to add insult to injury, the contract to collate the returns has been handed to the American arms dealer, Lockheed! And only £150m, cheap at half the price!

  4. I did our census online! Seemed pointless as you say.

  5. Hello Martin, soz I haven't been round for a little while, I have been busy trying to sell a house and the time just disappears!

    I agree that the census is a bit of a waste of time, but I agree with Martin H - I can't really see how useful the information can be, especially with planning. And yes, in true tradition, I listed 'Jedi' as my religiion. Truly, I need to come up with something original!

  6. Any kind of surveys always have me wanting to fill in silly answers. What is the name of your job? English Teacher. What do you do in your job? Er ... now ... let me think. Clear drains?


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