Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Eternal Mysteries of the Dulux Colour Chart.

Well now what do I write about? Is this the blogging equivalent of The Difficult Second Album? Have I peaked too soon? Well, here goes.........

I had a weeks holiday last week and had our hallway to paint. Come to think of it, what I really mean is I worked all week for nothing! It's now yellow (Lemon Tropic according to Dulux), and will look really cheerful when the sun comes through the windows. Now, all we need is some sunshine.....

Why call a colour Lemon Tropic? What's wrong with yellow,(or primrose if you want to be really picky)? What on earth is Dusted Fondant (mauve), or Tea Infusion (mint green)? Or, the best of the lot, Potter's Wheel (brown)! Who dreams up this stuff? Is there a hippy sitting in an ivory tower somewhere, who thinks up these names, in between washing his/her kaftan and reading Lord Of The Rings? Or (as I suspect is more likely), a marketing executive in an open plan office in Slough, pulls random words out of a dictionary. And they get paid for this!

I feel better for that! I did warn you that I've a tendency to rant, it's good to get these things of my chest before the red (Pink Clematis) mist descends! I'm now off for a lie down in a darkened room, but what colour to choose? Iced Frappé or Sloe Berry..........


  1. My husband has difficulty accepting Taupe. Someone once told him that their new car was Taupe coloured. Ah, he said... Beige !

    We desperatly need to redecorate the whole house. There is a particularly nice range of blue / green colours called Steel. As we are The Steel family, I think I'll go for those !

  2. The Farrow and Ball paint names are the best - Elephant's Breath, Dead Salmon, Mouse's Back, Eating Room Red, Smoked Trout, Arsenic (!), Calamine, Cat's Paw..............(makes Lemon Tropic seem quite sensible! Well done on the painting! Photo?

  3. None of the above. Yellow, white, green, whatever, would they really entice you to buy them and slather them all over your walls?
    Thought not.
    Where's the adventure in that.

  4. Hubby still has a problem with "greige" but just finished a bedroom in "Cactus Garden"-which evokes a sort of dirty sand, dry and prickly feeling, but it's a lovely green. Look at you boys go!

  5. bad penny - I sympathise with your husband regarding taupe. It's just an excuse not to use the 'B' word!

    Vintage Tea Time - Wow! Whoever designs the Farrow and Ball paint chart is seriously twisted! What colour is Elephants Breath anyway? And how would you get close enough to find out?

    Friko - I don't need enticing to buy paint! I am told what colours I like........

    I'm Crayon - Never heard of greige, I'm afraid. Mind you, I've never heard of most of the others either........

  6. I'm afraid you can't credit an individual with this level of genius. It would take no less than a committee to come up with names like those...after weeks of deliberation!


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